Best Mascara

Mascara Tips? No matter how long you've worn makeup there are going to be days when it simply doesn't go on right. Mascara in particular can be too thick, clumpy or smudgy.

Here are some mascara tips to help you get perfect lashes every time:
  • If you want your eyelashes to look longer, make sure to pay close attention to the mascara at the base of your lashes. If that's not put on evenly, nothing else you do will make your lashes look long.
  • Always take the time to separate your lashes. Just a little twist as you move from bottom to top with your mascara wand should do the trick
  • Don't forget to run the mascara wand over both the inside and the outside of the lash for evenness.
 Clumps and Bumps:
If your key problem is clumpy mascara you can try a couple of things. First it may simply be time to get new mascara. Generally as mascara dries and gets old, it also gets more finicky and clumpy.
Secondly, check your mascara wand. It might be goopy. If so, give it a thorough cleaning then try again.
Third, make sure you're not applying a second coat of mascara before the first coat dries. If you do – it WILL clump.
If its not the age of the mascara or the condition of the wand, and your first coat of mascara is fully dry, then get yourself a lash comb to brush those clumps out.
Mascara tips and tricks from Pros
People who work with makeup regularly suggest that you try using more than one type of mascara. Put on a light coating of mascara that's intended to lengthen, then another light coat of thickening mascara.
Beyond this makeup artists play a lot with colored mascaras so you could actually have one color at the base of your lashes and something different at your tips, or use the two-types of mascara for lengthening and thickness in two colors to give more depth of hue.
Finally don't under estimate the importance of an eyelash curler. This opens up your eyes and makes them look wider. If you heat the curler just before you use it, you'll find the overall effect much prettier.
You can now buy foundation powder and eyelash primer for your eyes. This not only helps your eye make up last longer but keeps the mascara under your eye from smudging as easily because the skin there won't be as oily.
If you find you always smudge your bottom lashes, hold a folded tissue in place while you apply the mascara. Works like a charm every time! For those little dots that appear on your upper eye lids – remember to keep your eye partially closed after applying your mascara. About 30 seconds should do the trick – no dots!
Finally remember to buy waterproof mascara.
By following these mascara tips you should find that you're successful with mascara application more consistently, and have much richer looking lashes that last as long as you do!