Pictures for 2010 Hairstyles for Women and Men

The layered bob haircuts are very popular in 2010 fashion trend. Many celebrities love to wear layered bob hairdo. This haircut provides a stunning and beautiful look.
A layered bob hairstyle is an easy alteration from long layered haircuts. This layered bob hairstyles are framing the face nicely and change your personality. The short layered bob cut will frame the face better than longer hair.
The layered bob haircut looks great on medium length hair too. Also a layered bob hairstyle is great for thin hair because the layers provide a lot of volume to the hair.
The main advantage of this layered bob hairstyle is it requires very less maintenance and easy wearing. This hairdo is very flexible and versatility. For achieving a professional or classic look you can add large bouncy and soft curls in your hair. Also you can pin your hair up and let face framing with hanging curls.
If you are feeling bored by having same hair style then the layered bob hairstyle is a great option for you. To look more beautiful you can add some light shades on your layered bob haircuts. See the below hair styles pictures for layered bob hair styles for getting more idea.