Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

Not only is Blinc Kiss Me Mascara the most searched mascara on the internet, it has a very enthusiastic following of many dedicated users. After trying it for myself recently, now I know why. While this mascara is not for Drama Lash Queens it is, for many of us, the mascara we have always wanted. Imagine a mascara that does what it is suppose to do - lengthen and enhance your eyelashes, without flaking, running, raccoon eyes, eye irritation and it is not next to impossible to remove. Plus it stays put until you take it off. So it acts like the very best waterproof mascara in terms of staying power, but easily and gently removes with warm water whenever you are ready.
This is a very different mascara, the formula forms little "tubes" around your lashes. The tubes are water-resistant and they bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. This is probably the very best mascara for those who wear contact lens and also for those with sensitive eyes, because there is no flaking or smudging, you won't get any mascara flakes or particles in your eyes. When you are ready to remove it, you simply wet your fingertips (or a washcloth) with warm water and apply gentle pressure - it can be done at the sink or in the shower. The tubes will come off (and you can see them) - it is a little funky at first. I have slept in this several times and it always stays put until I take it off.
In addition to becoming my new favorite mascara for everyday (I seem to be reserving Lash Drama for special occasions these days), I plan to get a tube for my teenage daughter. She has just become interested in makeup, wears contacts and already has long pretty lashes. The few times she was tried mascara she has ended up with major raccoon eyes, even with one of the more popular "washable waterproof" mascaras.
Another thing I adore about Blinc Kiss Me Mascara (by the way, Blinc is the name of the company, Kiss Me is the name of the product) is they have a great selection of colors. I am a huge fan of  as I feel they really do enhance your natural eye color. It comes in black, dark brown, medium brown, dark blue, dark purple and dark green.