to look naturaly beautiful

Beauty Tip 1) Brighten grey elbows by rubbing them with half a fresh lemon, it has a nautural bleaching effect. Moisturize the skin afterwards to counteract the drying effects of the juice.

Beauty Tip 2) Carry a spray of mineral water in your handbag to freshen up foundation while you are out and about.

Beauty Tip 3) Sleeping on your back helps prevent wrinkles, accrording to recent research. It is certainly worth a try!

Beauty Tip 4) Dunk feet into a bowl containing warm water and 4 tablespoons of epsom salts to help ease swollen ankles.

Beauty Tip 5) If you have very soft nails, file them while the polish is still on to prevent them from cracking.

Beauty Tip 6) If you find eyebrow tweezing painful, hold an ice cube over the area first to numb the area before you start.

Beauty Tip 7) Warm up your looks by dusting a little blusher over your temples, chin and the tip of your nose as well as your cheeks.

Beauty Tip 8) Keep your smile looking its best by changing your toothbrush as soon as the bristles begin tp splay. This means at least every three months.

Beauty Tip 9) Soak nails in a bowl of olive oil once a week to strengthen them.

Beauty Tip 10) When plucking your eyebrows, coat the hairs you want to remove whith concealer - it will help you visualize exactly the shape of brow you are after.

Beauty Tip 11) For eyes that really sparkle, try outlining them inside your eyelashes with a soft white cosmetic pencil.

Beauty Tip 12) Hide cracked or chipped nails under stick on false ones.

Beauty Tip 13) Make over prominent eyes appear smaller by applying a wide coat of liquid liner. The thicker teh line the smaller your eyes will look.

Beauty Tip 14) Calm down a red angry blemish by hosling an ice cube over it for a few seconds and then apply your usual medicated concealer.

Beauty Tip 15) Apply foundation powder with a damp sponge for a thicker, more opaque coverage. Applied wiht a dry sponge, the result will be sheerer.

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