Eye Makeup

The eye makeup is the focal part of the rest of the other facial makeup. If do it in the correct way, the eye makeup is able to pull and attract people who are looking at you. There are limitless eye makeup tips available online that can help you with this but for the beginners in makeup, our simple easy-to-follow eye makeup tips can set you off in the right path in finding the best makeup style that suits your eyes and your whole personality.

Eye makeup has set its own trend when talking about looking good. Most women find it confusing and some may even end up using disastrous colors and techniques. Most of the time, women go to salons to have their full makeup done because they can't do it for themselves. This is without saying that most women want their eyes to truly pop out and look sexy.

These beauty tips have been kindly contributed by my very good friend Danni Lewis. Danni has been in the beauty business for more years than either of us want to remember. I cannot think of any aspect of creative make up techniques that she has not investigated and I know that she has always been aware of how to apply her extensive knowledge to all, irrespective of colour, religion or nationality.

Eye makeup is the fun part of applying cosmetics. Some simple eye makeup tips. Use eye shadows that fit the character or to express mood. Apply the lightest shade you have over the entire eyelid and the medium shade on the lower eyelid. It's time to apply dark colors for creating depth. Best place for doing that is the outer corner.

Smoky eye makeup is almost a common sight at night parties or glam events or even dates. This is because the smoky eye look gives a dramatic yet alluring look for the evening.

Eye makeup may be tricky, but with some practice, you can create the look you want for any occasion. From bedroom eyes, smokey eye makeup to the sweet and pretty look. Let you imagination go wild as you play up your eyes.