Eye Makeup Tricks

undefinedAlthough fashion changes rapidly, some shading tips and tricks can be used to enhance the eyes. For eyes that are close set such as lighter-coloured eye-shadow can be used on the inner portion of the lid towards the nose and darker eye shadow on the outer edge of the lid. Reverse technique should be used to apply eyeshadow for widely space eyes.

make your eyes stand out!
After eyeshadow, the next trick of eye makeup lies in applying eyeliner. Eye liner must be used with care if it is to have the desire result. Use of pencil is easier as compared to liquid eyeliner. Liquid eye liner can look harsh if it does not blend properly. Natural looking colors like brown, grey or charcoal are most appropriate for creating smoky eyes. Evening eye-makeup is heavier than that is worn during the day. You can add gold or silver colors for intensity and drama.
Every pair of feminine eyes in the world looks better with a coat of mascara. Mascara instantly ‘opens’ the eyes and adds to feminine allure. Mascara has the power to make lashes look thicker and also add to their length. Apply mascara in several thin coats, separating the lashes as you go along and avoiding unsightly clumps. First coat the top of the upper lashes using neat strokes and then their underside.
Removing makeup is even more important than applying make-up. Never allow yourself to go to sleep without removing the makeup. The eyes and surrounding area are extremely sensitive and any single neglect will show up immediately. Carefully remove all makeup thoroughly with eye makeup remover or pure oil (coconut or almond oil is good).