Beauty and "Game Hair" Olympian Heather Mitts

Real Beauty: therefore 1st off, does one wear any makeup to games or practices?

Heather Mitts: lots of the team does not wear something, however i will typically do to a small degree mascara. For me, it comes all the way down to my skincare routine and ensuring I actually have lots of sunscreen on since we're outside all the time. individuals build fun of me and say I seem like a geisha, however that is okay with me. At this time in my career, i have been within the sun for—gosh, i do not even apprehend. I simply lather up and check out to form certain i do not get any longer wrinkles than i am already planning to.
RB: have you ever ever had any unfortunate experiences with makeup and sweating?

HM: there have been one or two of years in highschool when my mom and people would build comments concerning the makeup I wore throughout follow running. however i used to be stubborn! Years later, I've learned that less is additional otherwise you find yourself trying sort of a raccoon. As an athlete, I additionally assume there is one thing terribly enticing concerning how you're feeling once a workout and embracing the actual fact {that you|that you simply|that you simply} just kicked your butt. i do not cross-check being sweaty as a negative, however as a positive.

RB: You mentioned you are a huge sunscreen person. does one wear it everywhere or simply on the exposed areas?

HM: I would like i used to be adequate to try to to my whole body, however I typically do SPF fifty everywhere except what is lined by my garments. My teammates are embarrassed i feel, however I simply tell them to attend till their 30s once they begin seeing sun spots. it is the young'ins who do not see it, however i used to be identical method, too.

RB: you have got this superb blonde hair. What quite tricks does one have for keeping it trying therefore great?

HM: I place my hair up nearly daily for follow, and it's extremely long, therefore I actually have to figure at it. i do not wash it daily, that a number of my teammates realize disgusting, however i do know it keeps it healthier. once a sweaty workout i will rinse it with water and apply conditioner, however I solely use shampoo 2 or thrice every week. Whenever i purchase my hair done at the salon, i will have them use an excellent deep-conditioner.

My teammates are continually telling me I wear my hair down most, however since we tend to place lots of stress on it, i actually wish to let it breath. I attempt to be delicate with it, which has letting it air-dry instead of using heat, and that i rarely ever use product.

RB: does one ever have moments where you think that concerning cutting it?

HM: after I as at the University of Florida throughout my freshman year, I had long hair and did not need it to to be sweaty and nasty daily. I cut it and instantly regretted it! Ever since then I've continually wished to stay my hair long, and that i simply realize ways in which to wear down it.

RB: Soccer's your main issue, however you get to attend some glitzy events, too. What does one wish to do to amp things up for the red carpet?

HM: i like dressing up and since i do not get lots of opportunities to try to to it, I attempt to step out of my comfort zone to a small degree. I continually need to stay it natural, however simply to a small degree additional glamorous. i will sit there and write down each single product and step and then run to the shop to shop for, however after I attempt to recreate it it's never identical.

RB: you have traveled most for tournaments and totally different Olympic games; have you ever ever noticed a distinction in how alternative nationalities approach beauty on the field?

HM: Across the board, no one's extremely going out of their thanks to look cute. i feel our team is totally different though since we've additional girly ladies who are searching for ways in which to spot themselves and differ. Hope [Solo] will wear some makeup when she's taking part in, however she's a goal-keeper therefore she's not running around the maximum amount that makes a distinction.

Hair is basically where we will be inventive. I actually have my "game hair," that is usually totally different than how i would wear it at follow. Alex Morgan has the pink headband that is quite her signature look. Sweden and Norway are the sole alternative groups who have game day hair, too. they need specific braids and every one these cute designs.

RB: however you are not allowed to use barrettes or clips or something throughout games, right?

HM: Right—it undoubtedly limits the ways in which you'll wear your hair. All you'll use may be a ton of hairspray and an elastic. you have got to induce extremely inventive.

RB: does one have any superb snacks or noshes you swear by?

HM: We're preparing to travel to Japan at the instant, and i am already springing up with an inventory of things i will take. whether or not i am flying 2 hours or across the country, I continually certify to possess a packet of almonds with me, an apple, and a Luna bar. I carry those around on a commonplace in case i am stuck somewhere or hungry.

For right once a workout, I build this extremely nice tofu shake. If i can not do this, i will have a pre-made one from GNC.

RB: Are you a giant breakfast girl?

HM: I eat a large breakfast each morning—it's what I foresee to. i will do steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries, an egg white scramble with mushrooms, zucchini, and onion, and a chunk of cinnamon Ezekiel bread with almond butter. I may do this each single day. Oh, and you have gotta begin your day with occasional. i feel I mentally would like it.

RB: How does one take it?

HM: I simply did a cleanse and stopped drinking milk and every one that stuff, therefore right away it's black. I never thought i would do this, however the key is to possess a extremely sensible occasional or else it takes like crap. If I had crappy occasional, for example, i would do one raw sugar and a few cream.

RB: It looks like throughout the Olympics there are continually stories concerning how the Olympic Village is such a wild animal-house for athletes. True?

HM: We're truly the sole sport not within the Village since we tend to play on a field that is typically set more away. we tend to continually heard those crazy stories, and that i bear in mind wondering what it'd be like, however after we get there for the finals we do not even notice what is going on on as a result of we're therefore targeted. We'll find yourself staying and partying for 3 or four days once we're done, that is pretty fun, however we've not seen any crazy orgies or something.

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