Beauty Blender Sponge

I found this amazing sponge while searching the net for the flocked sponges I had been using for sometime. After using this "pink egg" for well over a month, I won't be returning to the traditional methods ever again! Using this sponge in the prescribed "bouncing" motion (either wet or dry) provides an unusually even, natural, and flawless finish, which I never achieved using sponges, brushes or my finger tips. I especially like the sponge's smooth, suede texture and egg shape (the narrow end is great for around the eyes and nose, while the larger end provides for even application on the cheeks, forhead and chin). I no longer worry about
"streaks" and "blotches" in my foundation! The other sponges I've used seemed to "soak up" an excessive amount of foundation, which either remainded in the sponge (to be washed out or thown away with the sponge) or ended up as streaks in my foundation. The BeautyBlender does not soak up excessive amounts of foundation so I no longer waste expensive foundations.

It cleans well and is said to last a long time; which given its rather hefty price for a makeup applicator is a plus! After more than a month of daily use, mine shows no signs of wear, and when it does, I'll gladly purchase another!

If you are searching for an easy to use foundation applicator and a professional finish, this product makes good on its promises! The BeautyBlender website states that it is the "ultimate make up sponge applicator".... and, I think they are right!!!

For Mor