how to get rid of dark spots on face

Exfoliate regularly
The best way to treat brown spots and to get rid of them is regular exfoliation. It is the best way to keep your skin clear and healthy looking. When exfoliating you remove the dead skin cells and the oil that cause pores to plug and lead to problems like blackheads and whiteheads. If you don’t remove these cells regularly they can clog the sebaceous pores and make your skin look dull and patchy and worsen the condition of hyper-pigmentation. Look for exfoliators containing alpha hydroxyl acid, beta hydroxyl acid, Retin A as they expedite the progression of pigmented cells to the surface and ultimate removal.

Wear sunscreen
As we said the sun in the leading cause of brown spots, that’s why wearing a sunscreen every day is crucial. Applying a sunscreen is the best way to prevent future brown spots and red spots. Daily use of sunscreen also helps resolve the brown spots more quickly. The sunscreens deliver long-lasting moisture where it is required, vitamin D and vitamin E to combat the free radicals, they help prevent premature aging, ensure a more even and longer-lasting tan and prevent the formation of new brown spots.

Use lightening creams
It’s important to use lightening face cream to reduce the brown spots. Look for a face cream containing hydroquinone – an agent that bleaches and fades darkened skin, as it slows the production of melanin. A lightening cream will reduce the appearance of brown spots and other skin discolorations. It will normalize pigment production and lighter skin will appear over 3 to 6 weeks. Most of them also fade freckles, remove small pimples scars and combat pigment changes caused by pregnancy or certain forms of medication. A good lightening cream will visibly diminish sun, age or liver spots and post acne marks.

Do a whitening mask
Do a whitening mask twice or once a week. It will remove hyper pigmentation, even and brighten your skin tone. A whitening mask targets imbalanced skin pigmentation and gradually lightens and purifies skin.

Eat many fruits and vegetables, especially lemons, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers – they purify blood-carrying veins in the body and maintain the natural glow of your skin.

Do it yourself: at-home masks treating brown spots, age spots, discolorations:

Lotion for dark spots:
You will need: parsley, fresh lemon juice.
Chop up the parsley and pour it with water. Boil the parsley for approximately 15 minutes, then strain the infusion and add 5 tbsp. fresh lemon juice. Use a cotton pad to apply the infusion only over the discolorations. Pour the remaining infusion in a bottle and apply to your face everyday. The lemon juice is a great remedy to bleach dark spots, age spots, post-acne scars.

Mask for dark spots I
You will need: brier infusion, 1 tbsp. camphor oil, 2 tbsp. chopped parsley, 2 tbsp. grated cucumber, 1 tbsp. chopped onion, 1 tbsp. fuller’s earth.

Mix all the ingredients well until you achieve homogeneous mixture. Apply the mask over the entire face or only to any problem areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Do the mask every day for 15/ 20 days to achieve best results.

Mask for dark spots II
You will need: 100gr. onion, 3 tbsp. acacia honey.
Grate the onion and mix it with the honey. Apply the mask over the entire face and neck. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and remove it with damp cotton pad or washcloths. If your skin is oily you can add 1 tbsp. vinegar to the mixture.

Mask for dark spots III
You will need: 30gr. oat flakes, 1 tbsp. honey, 4 tbsp. milk.
Boil the oat flakes until soft together with the milk for 5/ 10 minutes. Add the honey to the mixture and stir carefully. Apply the mask over the dark spots. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and rinse well.