Style Your Sexy Overalls

Now that you have the perfect pair of nicely-fitting overalls, it's time to style them up sexy. Take an afternoon and experiment in your closet, and with a lot of different accessories. With a few hot looks under your belt, nobody will be able to deny your sexiness.

    Wear a slim-fitting, straight leg pair of modern overalls with high heels or multi-strap sandals. Aim on channeling Rihanna or Kim Kardashian with your new look.
    Try wearing your hair down long with your overalls, complete with a light touch of makeup. Just because you're wearing something technically casual doesn't mean you can't amp up the makeup a little.

    Play with cleavage-boosting bras and v-neck tops for a flash of skin, but make sure that they are long enough to avoid flashing too much skin.
    Try slim scarves or even a perfect-fitting baseball hat to add a quirky sexiness. Aim for brights with a feminine touch.
    Wear your overalls with a belt in the belt loops, with an expressive belt buckle, for a new look with a sexy Western vibe.
    Try a slimming pair of overalls worn with a pair of boots over. Tuck those trouser legs into your tall boots for a very sexy look.
    Practice wearing your sexy overalls so you don't look uncomfortable when you wear them.
    Push-up bras can make subtle, but sexy, changes to your particular look. Your figure will look leaner, and you will certainly have a bit more mystique hidden underneath that pair of sexy overalls.