Thigh High Socks

Wearing Thigh High Socks

Unlike stockings, which either require garters to stay in place or have uncomfortable rubberized elastic tops that bite into the leg, thigh-high socks are elasticized throughout, like an ordinary sock, so the best of them will stay up and not compromise your circulation or look.

With fun patterns or decorative tops, the natural look for a thigh-high sock is to wear it with a mini-skirt or shorts. But many women worry that this look is a bit too risqué. True, the socks can be incredibly hot, but if you aren't comfortable, there are a number of other options.

One of the easiest and most fun alternatives is to go ahead and wear that short skirt or shorts, but with a contrasting color pair of tights underneath and the socks over the tights. This way, you've added warmth and a whole lot of flair to your look. You can also wear them under looser dresses and floaty skirts, where they will have more of a peek-a-boo effect.