How to Wear a Scarf

lightweight scarf

Wearing a Scarf in Warm Weather

If you plan to wear a scarf during the warm days of Spring and Summer, choose a lightweight, gauzy scarf that won't weigh you down. While any color works, lighter or brighter scarves are a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.
Ways to Wear Scarves
  • To jazz up a shorts-and-tee outfit, simply hang a long scarf around your neck without twisting or tying it.
  • For a similarly cool look, wrap the long scarf around your neck once or twice, but pull the loop so it drapes in a wide circle, rather than sitting close to your neck. Wearing an infinity scarf also accomplishes this same look.
When the sun is really beating down or the wind begins to blow, you can wear a scarf to help protect your head, neck and face from the elements. If you're using a square scarf, fold it in half to create a triangle, then simply drape the scarf over your head with the long side of the triangle facing forward, the point facing backward. Tie the two ends of the long side of the triangle together at the nape of your neck for an instant hair-tamer. To achieve the same benefit while using a long scarf, drape the scarf over your head with both ends of the scarf hanging in front of your shoulders. Then wrap one end of the scarf all the way around your neck to help hold the headcovering in place.
Some very long or wide scarves may be used as summertime wraps or bandeau tops to coverup after a swim. Simply wrap the scarf around your body and tie it in place.