Wearing a Scarf as an Accessory

dressy black scarf
Generally when wearing a scarf in warm weather, you're going to be wearing it as an accessory; but, when you're wearing a scarf in cold weather, sometimes it's as an accessory, and sometimes it's just to help keep you warm.

  • Silk Scarf in a Pussycat Bow: If you're more concerned with looking chic and fabulous than staying warm, consider wearing a silk scarf tied in a pussycat bow. Wrap a scarf around your neck with the ends hanging in front of your shoulders. Tie a bow at the same point as the neckline of your blouse. Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, suggests that women "wear pussycat bows the French way: make sure all four parts of the bow hang at the same length."
  • Square silk scarves: If you're attending a special event and want to present the most pulled-together, polished look possible, tie your square, silk scarf the "right" way by following this simple method.
  1. Start by folding a square scarf diagonally so that it forms a triangle.
  2. Fold the wide end (the long side of the triangle) over itself repeatedly until a slim band is formed.
  3. Lay the folded scarf over your neck so that one end is longer than the other.
  4. Bring the long end over the short end and pull it through the loop.
  5. Repeat this step.
  6. Pull taut and wear either at the side or center of the neck.