Home Improvement For Ladies

Home Improvement For Ladies
Let ME begin by spoken language what a home improvement arrange won't do! I actually have seen this happen quite once, therefore i'll say this currently. A home improvement project, addition, upgrade, remodel, or makeover won't compose for a troubled wedding. therefore for people who suppose home improvement might save a wedding, Im telling you currently that it'll add additional stress and it's a poor substitute for correct message.

With that aforementioned, after you see a home being sold-out because of a divorce, take a decent check out the house as a result of you will see proof of an excellent rework job. However, the wedding still unsuccessful. The situation on top of leads into different areas of home rework, acquisition and mercantilism points. Gentlemen, listen here! it's typically recognized that girls ar liable for eightieth of all choices on whether or not or to not purchase a specific home.

So what influences the women in their choices regarding home purchases and remodeling? out and away the 2 biggest things ar the room and also the bathtub. If I had to settle on one or the opposite, i think i'd check out that space was in would like of the rework additional, whereas at a similar time gazing the prices of each choices.

As for the lads, what do they want? they'd be proud of an oversized garage/workshop and a secluded den or workplace to hold on with business or to revisit the solitude of a cave. Men, as we are able to see, very dont pay the maximum amount time feather the nest therefore as a result we have a tendency to see that contrary to well-liked belief, men very tend to follow the females lead.

Generally speaking, youll notice that men dont pay abundant attention to draperies, window treatments, flower boxes, state of the art appliances, tub tubs, well-lit bogs, massive closets or floral patterns of any kind. They usually like brown and grey everything, with an enormous garage, a shed, a system and a privacy enclosed back yard for barbeques and lolling privately. Men conjointly like low maintenance homes in order that they arent perpetually being asked to repair or repair things. If left up to the lads to determine, you'd notice that taps, toilets, sinks, baths, floors, mirrors, cabinetry, appliances and furnishings would tend to be favored by their industrial strength qualities as critical beauty.

Those ar general observations and lots of times they'll not apply. However, by keeping them in mind and victimisation the 80/20 rule, they will facilitate within the higher cognitive {process} process. therefore currently victimisation what we all know, it might be informed slant your rework towards the sunshine and bright female aspect of life. It looks to form sense that if the ladies ar the choice manufacturers then we must always allow them to want what very desires attention first!

Lets check out the room initial. are you able to paint or coat the cabinetwork and alter the knobs and handles to urge the new look? Would new Formica laminate over the recent counter first-rate with an identical backsplash do the trick? perhaps a white ceramic sink with a replacement regulator can bring home the bacon the specified impact. Quite presumably you will attempt to rip it all out. If that's the case, then paint the walls and think about coating the ground conjointly. usually times, adding some minor electrical and lighting upgrades can facilitate remodel and modernize the whole effort. Dont forget the new inbuilt dishwasher and plumbing additionally.

Custom cupboards, if designed, designed and put in by an area good furniture maker with references and an image book of previous work done, ar usually terribly engaging in value and quality. i take advantage of craftsmen with low overhead UN agency work on one job at a time. usually i'll raise them to form, additionally to the room, a base cupboard for the lavatory to match, all for one low value. once operating with kitchens I continuously look to check if a wall are often detached to make a go through or bar stool counter prime. This permits additional light-weight and permits the person within the room to speak with and see the individuals within the hotel room. It conjointly creates the impact of a additional spacious room.

The bottom line is that a well-lit, light, bright and spacious room, well equipped with trendy appliances, lots of cupboard space and ornamental tiles, paint and window treatments, can add worth and attractiveness to any homes rework arrange.

Next, lets check out reworking the lavatory. Here again, we glance to the female aspect because the ladies appear to pay longer here then the lads. therefore with the women in mind regarding the upgrade, i'll usually bite the bullet and rip it all out, the bathtub being the sole exception! If I will leave the bathtub in, the work is less complicated, quicker and cheaper. However, if i'm gazing associate degree viridity or old broken up and oxidisation ceramic ugliness, than a replacement fibreglass insert with a slippery  glass door goes on my list of things to shop for at the native Home Depot.

Jet tubs ar the in issue, therefore I wont rule them out as a doable upgrade. This call once more is predicated on the feminine as most men dont take candlelit bubble baths or need a rhythmic massage. Walls ar painted with Sherwin Williams semi-gloss paint that creates a superb wetness barrier to the walls. With respect to walls, by adding tile or laminate half-wall wainscoting to the lower three to four feet of the wall, youll add a nice touch. Since you have torn out the old toilet and base cabinet, now is also the perfect time to rip up the old vinyl and put down ceramic floor tile before the new fixtures are installed.

New lighting, mirrored vanity cabinets, G.F.I. electrical outlets, wallpaper borders, towel rings and bars are usually the finishing touch. Even a man can appreciate coming home to a spacious, clean, modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen and bath. One final note here: Be sure to caulk everything when youre through. Youll want to protect your new investment from rotting, from the inside out. Dampness and wood eating insects are your homes worst enemies.

Now with the kitchen and bath out of the way, what do you feel is next? I myself spend on average about seven hours a day in the bedroom, so I tend to go there next. Once again, the closet is of importance to the ladies so I will look to paint that bright white, upgrade the lighting and install a closet organizing system to maximize the space that is available. A tip for the guys! Put in a shoe rack for the ladies, as most of you wouldnt even think about that little upgrade.

Once the closet is done, Im back patching and painting the rest of the room. Another smart thing you can do is to let the female decide on what color of Sherwin Williams brand satin super paint they would like to have applied. I always make sure I get enough paint to do the ceiling as well because when youre on your back, you will be looking at it. Once the walls and ceiling are done, the ceiling fan with light kit and dimmer switch go in. Then the baseboards are prepared for installation before the carpet goes down. Usually I paint them a shade darker than the walls and tack them to the wall about one-half inch above the floor.

Now that the paint is put away, its time to install the plush carpet and a dense quality pad beneath it. In order to really bring the room together you will need to take a paint swatch or chip to the carpet dealer to choose the carpet color that really sets off the walls and base board trim. As for final touches, those include mini blinds, a curtain, and decorative switch plates and receptacle covers. A solid core door represents todays modern standards with a keyed lock set for security, so I will add that factor in too. Just add candles and youre done!

As for the rest of the house, I will choose one-color paint and use it throughout all the remaining areas that are to be lightened and brightened. Earth tone, eggshell or tan sand colors are a neutral favorite of many, so unless you have a floor that is going to clash with it, earth tones are a safe bet. Speaking of floors, I will follow appraisal rules that tell me wood is better than carpet, except in bedrooms. And tile is better than vinyl. With that in mind, I will use tile and Pergo flooring everywhere else. Once the tile and wood are installed, I never have to replace it and maintenance is a breeze. The appraiser also looks upon wood and tile as an upgrade, so at the earliest opportunity, they are getting incorporated in my plans.

There you have it! A general Joe homeowner remodel job, but what about the infamous addition? With this consideration, youll have many more options to weigh, so lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding square footage.

When does it make sense to add square footage?

#1. Is it physically possible, legally permissible, financially feasible? Will the new addition serve your intended purpose to the maximum extent?

#2. Does the current floor plan, layout or design of your home allow for a smooth flowing traffic pattern in, out and through the proposed addition?

#3. Will your lot size accommodate a larger dwelling and will the neighborhood surrounding your home support the higher value that you expend?

#4. How long do you intend to stay in the house that this upgrade is planned for? Five years from now, will the addition return, dollar for dollar, the money you have spent to the sales price of the home if you sold it?

#5. Are you prepared to deal with draftsmen and plans development, contractors, building officials and permits? Will you mind living on a construction site for about 6 months? Are your finances in place with an additional 10% set aside for cost overruns? Has everyone agreed upon what this addition should look like and the purpose it will serve?

Let us say you have considered the above and would like to continue towards the improvement. From here, we should consider the economic principle of what is called progression. Example: You have a 2-bedroom, 1-bath home, located in a neighborhood of more expensive 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes. In this case you could, with more certainty, add another bedroom and bath and expect to be able to realize or achieve the value from the additions expense as the more expensive homes around you will tend to pull the value of your home up along with theirs.

Now the reverse is also true, so you must consider the opposite case that is called the principle of regression. That says that if you over-improve beyond the value of the homes that are surrounding you, then those lower value homes will tend to keep the value of your home in the lower price ranges. So putting it another way, try not to pass the point of diminishing returns. In essence, saying that you can only improve so much before you reach a point where, for every dollar you spend, you will receive less of that same dollar back when you sell.

A good rule of thumb to use is to try to get at least two dollars of increased value for every dollar you spend. Once you begin to approach break-even, then you should consider maintaining what you have as opposed to adding to it. A simple way to say it: Dont over-improve!

Another watchword to know is super-adequacy. That would be like putting gold faucets in a mobile home. Its overkill and too high-end for the properties overall value, so the final decision on remodeling and additions comes down to balance and a happy medium being reached. Also, take into consideration the cost, aggravation, the net gain, the need for improvement, the improved quality of life, the suitability to all occupants taste, needs and desires and in the end the ability to receive a higher sales price.

I choose to remodel more often than add-on because it goes much faster and the profits role in quicker too. If I need more space to live in, I simply remodel the house Im in and rent it out for top dollar, and then get an equity line to buy a bigger house! When remodeling my own home I will attempt to do everything myself, aside from building cabinets or rewiring electrical circuits. As with everything else, if I get in over my head, I will concede defeat and call in an expert to finish what I started while I learn where I went wrong by watching them finish it up.

Here are a few parting shots that you may or may not know:

Painting everything inside and out is the greatest value producing improvement that you can make on a dollar for dollar return basis. When painting, ensure you buy the absolute best paint available, as it is true that the expense of painting lies in the application of the paint not the paint itself. So if you have to apply two coats because of an inferior watered down paint then the cost just doubled in time and the added paint needed to get the job done.

This next tip alone will save you the cost of this entire book and here it is. Without naming any names, whether it be the manufacturer or the distributor of the product, there is a problem out there with what used to be considered top brand, quality paints. It has been said that some manufacturers have thinned out their paint and left their good name on, all in the name of allowing certain retailers the ability to sell hundreds of thousands of gallons a month at what appears to be a bargain price. Unfortunately, the consumer is fooled by the name and ends up coming back for more paint when they find that it takes more of the thinned out product to get complete coverage.

I, for one, as you can well see by now, am a real fan of Sherwin Williams brand, super paint. This blend is so superior in my mind to any other paint available to the little guy, that I refuse to use anything else. I have applied it to exterior walls located in the worst conditions and climates and ten years later its still as good as the day I put it on. The elasticity, color and protection are still in place with absolutely no chalking, cracking or deterioration of any kind, The same goes for interior paint as well. The coverage and wash ability are unmatched!

I also would like to say Sherwin Williams has not paid me to say one word of this. It is for your sole benefit that I harp on it to the degree that I do, as it burns me to no end to see trusting people get ripped off and not even know it!

But wait! It gets even worse. As if to add insult to injury, the retailers dont really even shoot for the highest profit margin on the paint. They make their profit when you start buying all the tape, rollers, trays, brushes, handles, scrapers, sand paper, buckets, screens and new fangled gadgetry along with a host of other products that may be required to finish all phases of the job at hand.

Has anyone ever told you that? If you doubt it, take a viscosity cup and run the super paint through it and then do the same with the other paint. After this test, you will need no further proof of which paint is going to save you time and money in the long run.

Well, enough said. I hope you get the point on paint. Now another thing you can do to improve your home substantially is landscape it. Landscaping, if done right, can add up to 30% to the value of your home. I prefer to plant shrubbery and low maintenance hardy plants and trees of all types. A few flowers to add color and my job is done.

Back to the addition. If you decide to add a room or two, it has also been proven that you can save about 30% here too by being your own contractor. I would encourage you to get a book titled, How to Be Your Own Contractor, as it will often take an entire book to give you a proper grounding on the subject. Just know this! It is entirely within your realm of ability to tackle the over site and scheduling that you would pay that 30% to the general contractor to do. If you feel up to the task, get a book and be vigilant. In the end, you will have that new addition at a significantly lower price.