Should women shave their faces?

On prime of marrying multiple wealthy dudes, Marilyn Monroe and Taylor had one thing else in common: They each shaven  their faces and claimed their skin was superb thanks to it. Yes, apparently, shaving your face (yes, with a razor) is that the easiest method to tackle ageing. "It's the explanation men age better" The Daily Mail wrote, last year. REALLY?

So what is the reasoning? Well, during a bid to be freed from downy facial hairs girls ar shaving them off – and with them dead skin cells serving to to exfoliate the skin.

We all grasp that exfoliation could be a unidirectional price tag to maintaining immature skin; it brightens, smooths and polishes the feel whereas priming for higher product absorption, however AN exfoliator (there ar several out there and here ar a number of our faves) would do exactly pretty much as good employment, if not higher.

Another flaw within the plan of girls shaving is that to use it as AN anti-ageing methodology would mean taking the shave up to the skinny, delicate eye space and also the (usually) fuzz-free forehead - as a result of we tend to would not solely need to 'anti-age' our cheeks and chin, would we? there is a reason why Botox is a lot of standard on top of the brows, to not the jowls. Not an honest plan the least bit.

It's another bear on quote facial shaving for hair removal functions alone; whereas we tend to all have hairs protective our skin, some girls expertise over others – thanks hormones – and it's a private option to have a balding complexion.

However, shaven  hairs grow back to seem coarser, provided that the ends ar blunt not tapered, therefore it is not the foremost property methodology of hair removal ANd unless you are employing a razor with an ultra-gentle blade you may cause sensitivity, to not mention nicks.

If it is a serious concern optical device treatments offers a permanent answer, or strive Braun Face mini ($70), a 2-in-1 facial device that encompasses a depilatory attachment for areas like the eyebrows or higher lip. Leave the razors for your legs, we say.