For You After 40’s!

In the midst of so many stylist, designers and trend setters targeting the sylphlike body of the twenty something, is it probable to look stylish as the years goes on and your body begins to tell the saga?

In actual fact, with a little creativity and adroitness, it’s easy to be modish and fashionable regardless of how many candles are lit on your birthday cake.

Now let’s be honest: unless you work out consistently, you probably don’t have the same body at 40’s and 50’s, which you had in 20’s. Time, gravity, and pregnancy all take their levy on the female body, as does menopause. And when you mix a mature body with fashions obviously made for a younger one, it can lead to self-doubt, nuisance, and mystification.

So how can you be trendy and stylish without wearing all those body conscious clothes so en vogue these days? By remembering these when you dress up: tidy, elegant, and coverage.

Clean lines create a clean silhouette which makes the body appear more youthful by skimming the trouble spots instead of calling attention to them. Complicated cuts, seams, and details usually call for a killer body to pull off, so if you haven’t got it, steer clear of those styles.

Elegant styles are called classic style because they remain in style year after year. The reason because they look good on so many bodies! Sheathes, A-line skirts, flat front pants, they all tend to flatter a variety of shapes. What’s more, because they remain in style year after year, classics are easier on the budget than trends.

Covering properly is the key to aging gracefully. If your arms, thighs, and collar have all seen better days, it’s time to cover them up a bit instead of sharing the wear-and-tear with the world. Now I’m not concerned about draping yourself in a cage for the rest of your life. Apart from it I’m talking about wearing short sleeves instead of going sleeveless, Capri instead of shorts, and modest necklines instead of jumping neck lines.